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Want to find a trucking dispatcher in America? 

One of the tools to develop demand on the Internet are free bulletin boards for special equipment and trucks. The only question is, how many people will see exactly your ad on such sites? After all, everyone wants to be in sight and do not pay for it ... Because of the large number of competitors there is a huge number of proposals for the rental of various equipment and cargo transportation. You can, of course, work through the dispatcher and pay 10% of each order, but now it is not so easy to find a good manager, and even get from him profitable orders. But there is another option for finding orders.

A single dispatcher service for cargo transportation on the Internet

The main purpose of the online service SpecGo is to provide relevant information in the rental of special equipment, passenger transport and trucking. Owners offer their equipment for rent, and customers negotiate with them directly. That is, the service is an intermediary between the two, but does not interfere with the contractual obligations of the parties. The functionality of the site allows you to quickly find special vehicles and trucks in any city in America.

Why is the service SpecGO better than the services of a dispatcher?

Access to the site around the clock

Direct communication with freight owners

Quick cargo search

No interest and commissions

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