Privacy Policy on the processing of personal data

The Privacy Policy applies to the Site and related mobile Apps on Android and iOS platforms. This Privacy Policy uses terms in the sense that they are defined in the User Agreement with the Customer.

1. General Information

1. 1 The Regulation on Personal Data Protection (hereinafter - the Regulation) governs the processing of personal data of the users of the site and its mobile Application, including for the purpose of ensuring the security of processing of personal data of the users, ensuring their rights and interests when processing personal data in accordance with the laws of the USA.

1. 2 Site Administration takes seriously the confidentiality of user data, which are specified during registration, stores and processes them in order to provide advertising services on the Internet. We do not give or sell the users' personal information to anyone, but we may give access to the users' personal information only in exceptional cases.

Such cases may be:

  • a requirement by law or authorities in accordance with the procedures prescribed by law;
  • cases in which the customer has given his consent to provide his personal data, including agreeing to the rules of the relevant service.

1. 3 The Site Administration has the right to provide third parties with summary information that does not contain personal data and does not allow to identify the user.

Such information includes data which defines the uniqueness of the user while preserving his/her anonymity:

  • operating system;
  • the user's browser;
  • the geographical reference of the user's IP address;
  • the number of impressions and clicks on the ad.

2. User data collected and processed at the site

2.1 Personal data: e-mail of the user (one-time sending of the service at the user's request). The Company does not collect and does not process any other personal data of the users, which are entered by the users themselves.
2.2 Technical data collected by the mobile App: data on the number of launches in general and their individual screens and functions, the number of active users, country and region of using the App.
2.3 The error data collected by the mobile Application: technical parameters of the device, data on the error localization, frequency of errors and failures.
2.4 All users have the ability to disable the provision of technical and error data to the mobile application through the Application settings menu.

3. Transfer of user data to third parties

3. 1 The above-mentioned data can be transmitted to Google Analytics accounting and analysis systems for the use of their functionality.

3. 2 The site can use cookies to collect non-personal information that can be identified with the user's browser to provide transportation services to customers.

3. 3. The cookie does not contain information about the user's name, address, phone number or other personal information with which the user can be identified. You can disable the use of cookies when using the site by using the Google Analytics Blocker or by disabling their acceptance in the settings of the browser used.

4. Security of user data

4. 1 The site gives you the opportunity to change your personal data or personal account settings at any time. You can completely delete your account from the site through a request to technical support.

4. 2 Access to the personal data of the registered user and the personal settings of his account is protected by password.

4. 3 The User gives their consent to the provisions of this Privacy Policy by clicking on "Register" and "Add Order" or at any time of performing other actions related to the use of the website features.

4. 4 User acknowledges and confirms that any data (including bank card details), directly or indirectly related to the payment for services on the Site, is posted by the User on the pages of sites belonging to third parties that are not related to the Site Administration. The Site Administration has no access to such data, does not perform any actions in respect of such data, including its collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, change), use, distribution (including transfer), depersonalization, blocking, destruction, cross-border transfer.

5. Other terms and conditions

5. 1 The Website Administration reserves the right to make changes in the present Privacy Policy without any special notification. New Privacy Policy version comes into effect from the moment of its placement on the Website page, unless otherwise stipulated by the new Privacy Policy version. An up-to-date version of the Privacy Policy Document is always available on the page at and is available 24 hours a day.

5. 2 All possible disputes about this Privacy Policy and the relationship between the user and the Site Administration will be resolved according to the norms of Russian law in court at the location of the Site Administration, unless otherwise expressly provided by the legislation of USA.